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VTRS (Video Tape Recording Security Camera System) is the traditional technology, and have many disadvantages:

  • Video taped image can go up to 1 frame/3sec at low quality
  • Only short distance monitor and recording at limited storage space on VHS only
  • High cost to maintain, upgrade and lots of monitoring function limitation-No Sensor detection function.

AA Networks offers DVRS (Digital Video Recording Security Camera System) - An Advanced Technology

  • Enables you to remote-access DVRS through Internet to monitor your business even when you're not on the premise.
  • PC-based image storage allows you to save, copy, delete and play back record as needed in Digital quality.
  • One screen can hold up multiple channels with Motion, Sensor detective functions and it allows you set up a smart saving type to record and can control devices on remote site.
  • Alert you when something happened in your business by using Event Alarming function through phone, cell-phone, fax and alarm sound. It also can be event reports daily.
  • Reliable, easy to self-maintenance and upgrade.
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